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Theatermania Talks with Sh-K-Boom/Ghostlight Prez Kurt Deutsch

 by Sh-K-Boom Records on 12/17/2012 to News's Ashley Van Buren talks with our President and Co-Founder Kurt Deutsch about Cast Recordings, contracts, and crowd-funding:

Kurt Deutsch is not a left-brain, right-brain kind of guy. Instead, both sides of his brain operate simultaneously, with creative thoughts substantiated by business ones and vice versa. As the co-founder of Sh-K-Boom and Ghostlight Records, Deutsch's job is to balance working with composers, musicians, and sound engineers when record producing, and navigating recording contracts when landing a new artist or cast album. TheaterMania sat down with Deutsch to get a handle on his yin and yang.

What led you to start your own record label?
I started it because Sherie [Rene Scott, Deutsch's wife and Sh-K-Boom's co-founder] was doing Aida and somebody had given her a recording contract and I thought [the contract] was kind of a ridiculous thing. These contracts were made…when Broadway was the popular music of the day. Producers never thought that they would actually have to pay for the albums... 
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