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Original Sh-K-Boom Records Mission Statement

SH-K-BOOM RECORDS was founded in 2000 on the following mission:

The music industry as we know has been revolutionized. The Internet is allowing musicians to reach their audiences directly. This gives artists greater freedom to create the music they want, without having to work within the constraints of traditional record labels.

A New Breed of Performers. Over the last 10 years, a new kind of Broadway musical has emerged. Composers are coming from not only the musical theatre world, but also from every genre of popular music today. As a result, musical theatre actors have also been changing.

Sh-K-Boom Records recognizes that from this evolution comes a whole new breed of performers. Until now, their full potential has been over looked. In the past, major record labels have ignored Broadway stars as potentially serious recording artists. In part, this is because the style of albums these Broadway performers have been allowed to make has been aimed at a very specific, limited audience.

Sh-K-Boom is committed to working with individual artists, groups, and composers to give them the guidence and freedom neccessary to create the music they want. Through, Sh-K-Boom will give these artists direct access to their audience. By working with skilled theatrical performers and recording artists, Sh-K-Boom will be able to offer its audience not only exciting recordings but also live shows featuring these artists in action.

Fueled by revolution of the music industry and the evolution of the musical performer, Sh-K-Boom Records is dedicated to bringing passionate, fresh artists and their music to a whole new audience.

Kurt Deutsch
President, Sh-K-Boom Records
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